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What’s the big idea

All the industry jargon in the world can’t create your new identity. Gut instinct can. Have no doubt, process and research play vital roles in any project’s development. What we bring to the equation is the ability to define/identify/create that key attribute/quality/characteristic and leverage/mold/shape it into a succinct message which will stand out in today’s saturated markets.



An arm and a leg

Which pretty much sums up the extent we’ll go to ensure that you get every thing you need.

DBC operates within the parameters of an on demand business model. When required, groups of specialists and suppliers are gathered to execute specific deliverables. This overhead model allows us to provide top flight identity solutions that don’t cost you…

The whole nine yards

This site contains a sampling of work from a broad range of clients. In 99% of the cases DBC acted as Creative Director, Designer, Art Director, Writer, Production Department, Suit, and in one instance, regrettably, model.

Over the last 28 years those clients have included…. Sierra Wireless, Sun Microsystems, Chaperon Software, Microsoft Canada, Samlex America, Colorworks, Molson Breweries, Neutron Factory Works, Hockey Hall of Fame, The Mark James Group, Chevron Canada, Denny’s Restaurants, Seagate Software, Universal Music, Bruce Allen Talent, British Columbia Film, CBC, and Ping Golf Clubs.

Tell me about it

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